A Place for The Gooch's Ideas...
Welcome to
The-Gooch.net --a place to see
what kind of whacked-out ideas I have that
were floating around in my mind and I have
now decided to share with the world at-large...

The Gooch -- Why am I called that?

In brief, so as to spare you, the reader, from
agonizingly boring detail, The Gooch, or as I'm known around my shop, "Gooch" is derived from an attempt to simplify my surname. If you know my last name, or when you get know me, you'll understand what I'm talking about (or just take a look at my e-mail address)...

General info...

How to reach me...

email: lsgutierrez1172 at yahoo dot com
email: leroy at the-gooch dot net
My regular blog--inaccessible from my deloyed location...

2005 Volvo S40 T5
6-speed manual transmission
218 Hp, A/C
(not pictured--tinting)

This is a picture of my S40 taken on
the day that I picked it up at the
factory in Sweden. I had just driven it
out of the showroom and parked it
ouside. I drove it home to Ramstein AB, Germany, later that day... It was a long drive.
My Deployed blog...
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