I've known Laurel since roughly the 4th
grade and went to the same schools
from 7-12th grades. Hrmm, would she
agree with that recollection?

She flew-in to Paris to visit some friends
and then came to see me! Huzzah!

We took a cruise on the Mosel River
and toured the city of Cochem along
with the local castle, Reichsburg and
one not too far away, Pyrmont. The
weekend we spent together was super
fun. It's going to be hard to ever top

I hope to visit her, soon, at her home in
San Francisco. Wonderful Laurel, you
will forever have a special place in my
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Last updated: 15 October 2005
Some of my friends...

Val was TDY here from the WA
and has since returned.
We like
d to try out different
foods and it
was her job to
make sure I open
ed up a little
and ha
d some fun. I suppose it
ed some, though I have to
keep at it
. She's a great deal of
fun, I'm happy I met her
. We
had some good times--perhaps
I'll be able to look her up when
I go back to the WA area...
Maria and Aurora

Maria and I hung out for a bit
in July. Although we only knew
each other for a short time, we
became fast friends and still
keep in touch.

Freedom Fest at Ramstein Air
Base, July 2005. Her daughter,
Aurora, had a great time.

Maria is now in Las Vegas.
Can't wait to go see her there!

Jim and I worked together
for 4+ years at Ramstein Air
Base. We were the an
awesome team and I don't
think administering an
Oracle database will ever
be as much fun as it was
with him. As he liked to say,
"...it's the poop, yo!" Jim is
in England.
Shiv, Tasa, and Tommy

Shiv is considered family to
us. We've know him since
1998, I believe, maybe even
earlier than that. I've known
and been friends with Tasa
(Anastasia) since 1998,
also. And Tommy, a relative
newcomer to our group, is
always ready with the jokes
and joined our circle of
friends in 2000, I believe.
Tasa is currently on
assignment in Greece--I
really need to go visit her!
Shiv and Tommy are still
here at Ramstein.